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Movie time?

Posted by Big papa on February 16, 2013 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

GLA is in association with making a movie, or short film. We have been working several months now. That is the reason we have not been active with airsoft or our website and for that we apoligize! We are open to recruitment now and if you want to join an airsoft team we are open to anyone!

The film is almost done and we would love the publicity! Thank you for supporting us! More updates soon!

Airsoft Event 03/17/2012!

Posted by Major on February 12, 2012 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (2)

There is a new event coming up at Camp R&R! It is an event that we are hosting.

Major (Me) will be the Russian Commander, while Ozone will be the Cuban commander.

There is some updates for the team requirements though... and they are small and you dont need them right away. One of the requirements is a Skull Balaclava, like the one that "Ghost" uses in Modern Warfare 2. You can purchase it anywhere online, but I got it from Airsoft Outlet NorthWest. It was $22 there. It is nice because it wraps around your entire head.

The next thing is a helmet. I got one as well, but the one I have is quite expensive. There are 2 types you can buy from an Airsoft store. One is about $20 and it isnt that great, because it is made out of plastic and literally what you buy is what you get. It looks nice, but the other one is better, but costs more. The other one is made out of better materials and has all kind of rails to put lasers and flashlights on. It cost around $75 though. But again, what you pay for is what you get. and it is so worth it.

Go to the game and be sure to get these requirements soon!


A new kind of system.

Posted by Major on August 21, 2011 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (3)


When people will join the GLAAC Airsoft Group, they will start out as PFC (Private First Class). I know, it sounds like a horrible idea, but listen. You CAN gain rank, but you have to do a couple of things:

1. You have to want the rank! You just can't gain it, and be nonchalant about it. When we present the rank, you have to say that you want that rank.

2. You have to prove your self on the battlefield, by going beyond the Call of Duty (not the game), by saving your squad from a counter attack, or give an succesful battle strategy to your commanding officer.

Here are the ranks in which you will gain:

Enlisted core:

1.Private (PVT) 

2. Private E2 (PV2)

3. Private 1st Class (PFC)

4.Specialist (SPC)/Corporal (CPL)

5. Sergeant (SGT)

6. Staff Sergeant (SSGT)

7. Sergeant 1st Class (SFC)

8. Master Sergeant (MSG)/1st Sergeant (1SGT)

9. Sergeant Major (SGM)/Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

10. Command Sergeant Major of the Army (CSMA)


1. Second Lieutenant (2LT)

2. First Lieutenant (1LT)

3. Captain (CPT)

4. Major (MAJ)

5. Lieutanent Colonel (LTC)

6. Colonel (COL)

7. Brigadier General/ 1st Star General (BRIG)

8. Major General (MGEN)/ 2 Star General

9. Lieutanent General (LTGEN)/ 3 Star General

10. General (GEN)/ 4 Star General

In our group, no one will go past Colonel. It would be too high of a rank, and there are not any generals that fight in wars, on the battlefield. Everyone starts out on the Enlisted rank. If you want to make it from Enlisted to Officers, you got to show some serious dedication, and prove to your commanding officer that you earn the right to be an officer. That you want the right to be an officer. That you deserve the right to be an officer. After every game (Not skermish) or event, some or most people will be rewarded with promotion of rank. We will host a different ceramony for that.





What Materials Thou might need!

Posted by Major on Comments comments (2)

When you join us, there are certain things you are going to need.

First thing, is your rifle! There are many products out there, but one company you want to stay away from, if you are looking for M-16/M-4 products. AK-47/74 products are fine, but they are not from Echo-1, they are just distributed by them. Just please stay away from ECHO-1 products. We might not except you into the group. They break easily, they are not that great, and they are not all that reliable. So all in all, we will not except you if you have just ECHO-1 M16/4 products. If you have others, please use the other weapons.

Camoflauge comes next. When you are in a certain enviornment, you want to blend in and get the upper hand in stealth. In Camp R and R's case, it is all woodland camo. So the perfect kinds of camo are: US Woodland BDU/ACU, German Flecktarn Camo, and anything else that has green, black, brown, and whatnot. We also go to arena, which is located in Hillsboro, and close to the Hillsboro airport. Woodland camoflauge works there, since it is all dark in the arena. Black BDU's are also great.

Third next in line: Are Vests. They are helpful, because they act as body armor and holders for your mags. Any kind will work, but it is worth paying the extra money that has all the pouches and stuff on it.

Finally: Magazines. There are many kinds that you can get. There are High capacity mags, which hold from 300 to 600 rounds. The downside, is that they rattle. The next are Mid capacity mags, which need a speed loader to load them. They hold 75 to 100 rounds in each mag. They don't rattle, but have a lower capacity. The last are low capacity mags, which are a lot like Mid Caps. They hold 20 to 30 rounds in each magazine. The only reason you are going to need these, are for realism. I have never seen them, but they are real.

So, be sure to have the right gear, or it will bite you in the butt.

A quick overun on radio talk:

Posted by Major on Comments comments (0)

Have you ever been on the battlefield, your on radio with an ally, and neither of you know what you are talking about? Well, here is something to clear it all up:

Here is the numbering system in radio speak:

1=One 2=Two 3= Tree 4= Foour 5= Fife 6= Six 7= Seven 8= Eight 9= Niner

Also, you may come up with Codenames for an operation, so here is some examples if you don't know what I am talking about:

 I go by "Major". So here is an example: "Ozone to Major, Ozone to Major, this is Major speaking, over."

"Message received. Sitrep? Over."

"FUBAR! We need back up!" so on and so on.

So, I hope that this will help clear everything up.