Global Liberation Army

Somewhat New Requirement:

Hey out there,

So this is what I was thinking of. Anyone who is on our team that doesn't have some sort of communication device that can be used on the field, we will be cracking down on that and making it a must. We need to be able to communicate on the battlefield without giving away positions. So the best route for this is getting a Motorola brand radio. With this,you have stealth on your side, meaning that the enemy won't hear your converstaion, giving them both intel and your position. So we want you to buy a headset, which is 20 bucks, but the adapter for using a walkie talkie is also 20 bucks. So it is $40 right there. I won't force you to buy one immediatly, but the sooner the better.

Speaking of radios, we need to go over Radio speak. Meaning that, yes, there is a proper way of talking on the radio. When you speak, make sure you say "over" after your converstaion, to signify that your transmission is over. Also, the numbering system is a little different. The numbers that are different are:

3: Tree 4: Foour 5: Fife 9: Niner

It isn't much of a difference when it comes to radio speak. To make it a little easier to speak to someone, here is a little trick you can do:

My call sign is "Major", so I will use my name: "Major to Corsair, Major to Corsair, do you read me, over?"

Cosair: "Major, what do you need, over?"

Major: "We need backup ASAP, or our situation is going to be SNAFU, over."

Corsair: "Read you loud and clear, sending backup your way, over."

Major: "That's a bingo, Corsair. Major is on radio silence until I give further instrucitons, over."

Corsair: "Affirmative, over."

Major: "Copy that, over and out."

So that was an example, it can go a number of ways. If you don't know what accronyms to come up with, I will be glad to tell you before we head on out to the battlefield.

See you all out there,


Airsoft Event coming up on the 29th and 30th!!

Hey out there,

Big event coming up hosted by a third party host (I don't know who they are), but that doesn't mean that we still can't have fun. So everyone should go, there will be possibilities for promotions at this game for our team, so don't miss out on this opprotunity!

Sadly, only 1/2 of the core team is going, though we do have some back up members attending and with that, we thank you! The more the merrier. So go and have fun!

See you on the battlefield,


Sportsmen Rally Review

Hey Gang,

How goes it? So if you couldn't make it to the Sportsmen rally, I will go over a few details here on this post:

What was cool about the Rally, was that it wasn't just Airsoft. There were many other organizations out there (Like the Mountain Men and people showing off real steel products, which is a plus in my book!), and it was a load of fun. Everyone got to meet each other, lots of Airsoft related things, and above all, everyone had a great time, which in the end, that's all that matters.

So the Airsoft was 3 full days of it, and on the day of the full Rally, spectators decided to see what is all the fuss with the game. It was fun to see that people were interested in the sport itself. Many people did trades, had stories to tell and just interacted.

The other parts were great (I don't want to go into full detail, just go to the Camp R&R website for more details.), and it was fun learning about finding gold in rivers and learning the ins and outs of black powder.

So that was about it, other than those who missed out on a fun thing. We hope you attend next year and help out our friends at Camp R&R's business.

Thanks for reading the post, and see you on the battlefield,


Big Airsoft Event 8/17-8/19!


 So the last event we held was a success in some ways and not in others. We made money and everyone had a fun time. But we didn't have as many people as we thought. But none the less, we had fun and that's all that matters.

 So on a better note, there is a new event happening tomorrow, which is going to be huge. Lots of teams to represent themselves and lots of people to play airsoft with. So members, be there to support the team. We need you there.

 See you on the battlefield,


Operation Virus House

So there have been questions about the game that is upcoming this weekend (written 7/2/12):

 We don't want anyone under 13, but if you do end up showing up, then we won't kick you out.

We are trying to balance the teams, so please join a team that you choose, but be aware, if you get switched for balancing issues, then I do apologize, but that's the way it is. Granted that it might not happen this game.

So please, tell your friends about this game. Spread the word. The more the merrier. No one likes to go to a game that has very few amounts of people in it. This is a community effort that we are trying to produce here.

 Thanks for reading, and if you haven't signed up, then do so now. See you out there this weekend.




A squad within our team has been founded. They are there for every event, game and meeting. They deserve to be the elite of the team More can be added, but they have to prove they're worth it. The elite know who they are.

Coming soon!

Hello my fellow Americans,

 It is I, Major, your site owner. There are a few things that we are going to have in a couple of days, but before that, I wanted to say a few things:

1. Congrats to the people helping Big Pappa with his event "Black List" at Camp R and R! It was really succesful and we learned a lot, for future events we will do. You have been paid if you helped.

2. New rule if you want to join up; must send me an email and tell me a little about yourself (unless if I talk to you at an event and say otherwise.). I hate having people join and not know who they are. Everyone who is on the team is fine now.

3. We are really starting to opress the situation regarding balaclavas. If you do not have one, purchase one. They are all over the internet and here locally. They are not too expensive... so no complaining please.

4. We are going to have a day for team photos for you profiles here on this website and/or anywhere else. We havent made a specific date, but it will be soon. We require you to either wear military appropriate gear (camo or civies used for urban situations.) and be sure to bring your rifle. Also, bring your face gear, for we will do photos with and without face gear.


Now onto the good stuff.

I, Major, will be hosting an event, with the help of my team. It's called "Operation Virus-House". There will be a story on that soon. It will be hosted at Camp R and R on the 30th of June. We will have a registration point up soon.

Though there is a catch. If you want to help and get paid for it, talk to me, otherwise sign up as a player, but you wont get paid. If you dont notify me that you want to help and get paid soon, you wont get any money. Also, if you sign up as a player, you cant change so you can get paid. We will tell you if you will or will not get paid at the end of the event.

So keep on the lookout and always, keep on trucking!