Global Liberation Army


Airsoft is not a kid game. Its a extreme sport that deals with actually weopons that can harm somone else. GLA takes this sport seriously.

First of all for our requirements you have to be 15 or older, no exceptions.

1. Saftey Goggles

2. At least 1 pair of Woodland Camo pants, and Camo Jacket.

3. Some sort of Communication Device, peferably a walkie talkie with a headset.

4. We Use M4/M16 and Ak47/Ak74. NO ECHO 1. Perferably G&G or KWA

5. Tactical vest/Boots

*6. Black tactical Helmet with Full face skull mask.

7. All Sniper rifles/ LMG's/ and pistols acceptible.

8. Only Mp5 smg's (Mp5K, Mp5 Sd 1-6)

 *This will be GLA's Trademark soon, so it will have to be necessary in order to join.