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What Materials Thou might need!

Posted by Major on

When you join us, there are certain things you are going to need.

First thing, is your rifle! There are many products out there, but one company you want to stay away from, if you are looking for M-16/M-4 products. AK-47/74 products are fine, but they are not from Echo-1, they are just distributed by them. Just please stay away from ECHO-1 products. We might not except you into the group. They break easily, they are not that great, and they are not all that reliable. So all in all, we will not except you if you have just ECHO-1 M16/4 products. If you have others, please use the other weapons.

Camoflauge comes next. When you are in a certain enviornment, you want to blend in and get the upper hand in stealth. In Camp R and R's case, it is all woodland camo. So the perfect kinds of camo are: US Woodland BDU/ACU, German Flecktarn Camo, and anything else that has green, black, brown, and whatnot. We also go to arena, which is located in Hillsboro, and close to the Hillsboro airport. Woodland camoflauge works there, since it is all dark in the arena. Black BDU's are also great.

Third next in line: Are Vests. They are helpful, because they act as body armor and holders for your mags. Any kind will work, but it is worth paying the extra money that has all the pouches and stuff on it.

Finally: Magazines. There are many kinds that you can get. There are High capacity mags, which hold from 300 to 600 rounds. The downside, is that they rattle. The next are Mid capacity mags, which need a speed loader to load them. They hold 75 to 100 rounds in each mag. They don't rattle, but have a lower capacity. The last are low capacity mags, which are a lot like Mid Caps. They hold 20 to 30 rounds in each magazine. The only reason you are going to need these, are for realism. I have never seen them, but they are real.

So, be sure to have the right gear, or it will bite you in the butt.

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Reply Hutch
8:52 PM on February 11, 2012 
Perfect. I have an M15A4 Carbine, which is pretty much an M4.
I have full sets of ACU, I have BDU lowers, and I have full sets of Black for indoor.
As for the rest of the stuff, lol I have TOO much vests, mags, gear, etc.
And for the record, I prefer to use black as much as I can. I only use ACU/BDU if the game requires me to.
Reply chief
2:55 PM on April 19, 2012 
I have a SAW M249, and a type 89 that takes m4 mags, also use BDU's and NWU's.