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I started Airsoft about 3 years ago. All I had was an ECHO-1 M16A4 assualt rifle and my dad///'s BDU jacket to go into combat with. Since then, my equipment has evolved to higher grade guns and gear. I love this game because it gives me a feeling that I won\\\'t experience until I get to that age (meaning that I am not of age to go into the military.).

I do other things besides Airsoft, being hanging out with friends to actual shooting and hunting big game animals. I do a lot, and I don't do much. I try to be a friendly person when it comes to new people, so don't be shy to ask us some questions, to see if you can qualify for the team or better yet, make your own.

Overall, I love this game and the people. If you do see me on the field (I will have a picture of me in my gear up on my page.), then say hello. You and I can then chat.

My guns:

ECHO-1 M16A4 Assault Rifle (Broken, definetly out of commision)

ECHO-1 G36c Assault Rifle (Usuable, just ugly)

ECHO-1 MP5k Sub-machine Gun (Out of commision, though repairable)

ECHO-1/Vector Arms AK-74 Assault Rifle (Open for sale, ask for price)

WE GBB SCAR-L Assault Rifle (Out of commision, beyond repairs)

Top Tech CQB-R M4 Assault Rifle (Totally Awesome, worth the high price.)

Off Brand STG-44 (Awesome piece, not for sale!!)

See you all on the battlefield, and above all: HAVE FUN!


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